Identity sheet

Scientific Manager
Sébastien Jaquemet

Creation date :

The oldest series of observations:
altimetric variations in beach profiles 2012-present

Technical Manager : Emmanuel Cordier

Frequency of research project campaigns: ~4/year

Station’s scientific pilot laboratory(ies) : UMR ENTROPIE

Other laboratories involved in the station’s scientific management: UMR Espace-Dev

Partnerships/agreements set up with other organizations: Université de Bretagne occidentale (UBO), Réserve Nationale Marine de La Réunion (RNMR), Centre d’Etude Des Tortues Marines de La Réunion (CEDTM)

Existence of prospects for certification in an SNO, a national IR, a national network: SNOs SOMLIT, BENTHOBS, SONEL, REEFTEMPS, DYNALIT, IR ILICO.