Spreading knowledge


OSU-Réunion laboratories welcome PhD students from the Science, Technology and Health Doctoral School (STS-ED 542).

Coastal dynamics by camera

List of theses with which OSU-Réunion is associated :

  • Student: Jaimie Machabee, 
  • Thesis director: Gwenaëlle Pennober, 
  • Supporting laboratory: UMR Espace-dev
  • Period: 2020-2023

Study of the influence of oceanic islands on offshore ecosystems

Contribution to ocean production and anthropization of the marine environment

  • Student: Guillaume Chandelier
  • Managers: Pr. Sébastien Jaquemet (UMR ENTROPIE) et Dr. Hélène MAGALON (UMR ENTROPIE).
  • Supporting laboratory: UMR ENTROPIE, Université de La Réunion
  • Period: 2020-2023