Data policy

This document establishes the guidelines for accessing and utilizing the data available online through the Observatory of the Science of the Universe of La Réunion: OSU-Réunion databases’ web applications. The data policy has been approved by the Executive Committee of the OSU-Réunion. It may be revised at any time in accordance with the evolving OSU-Réunion program and database system.


OSU-Réunion encompasses all the disciplines related to the sciences of the universe in a broad sense. It brings together research units at the University of La Réunion, including members of the UAR 3365 (Unité d’Appui et de Recherche, Université de La Réunion, CNRS, IRD and Météo France), 8 associated laboratories (ENTROPIE, Espace-Dev, LACy, LGSR, PVBMT, ENERGY-LAB, LIM and PIMENT) as well as observation stations. This collective comprises approximately 300 individuals, both permanent and temporary.


General principles

The database system of OSU-Réunion offers access to two types of data:

  • Data directly collected by instruments funded by OSU-Réunion and data derived from these observations.
  • Other data received include information from research programs of OSU-Réunion members and data from instruments belonging to laboratories associated with OSU-Réunion.

The originally collected data were intended for specific purposes, and no guarantee is provided regarding their suitability for use by the recipient. Neither the OSU-Réunion management nor the Principal Investigator (PI) of each dataset can be held responsible for any damage, loss, claim, demand, costs, or expenses arising directly or indirectly from the use, receipt, or supply of data provided by the OSU-Réunion database within the framework of the defined data policy.

Creation of DOI

OSU-Réunion can assign DOIs to datasets it manages, meaning datasets that are available on its servers. The DOI link points to a page on the OSU-Réunion data catalog, GeOSUR (, where all the information related to the datasets will be listed: authors, title, description, download link (open or restricted), etc.

Access conditions

Two types of accesses to OSU-Réunion’s data is available, depending on the user. The main website, GeOSUR (, lists all the data present on our servers, and provides the user with all the information related to the dataset. This is where the data download links can be found, either in open-access or with FTP links restricted access.

The second access to the data is possible through the eObs tool (, developed at OSU-Réunion, allowing more advanced access to the data and metadata. This tool is focused on the data from the OSU-Réunion observatories and offers differentiated access:

  • Public: Everyone can access the data files.
  • Restricted: Access to data files is limited to authorized personnel, typically those affiliated with the observatory.
  • Private: Access to data files is restricted to personnel associated with the creation of the data files, typically the instrument team responsible for the associated data.

These various data rights are designed to uphold an exclusive privilege for observatory members and their partners in terms of evaluation and analyse of the most recent data. This provision serves a dual purpose:

  • Ensuring the quality of data before dissemination.
  • Preserving the Principal Investigator’s right to publish the first scientific analysis of the data.

Usage conditions

The OSU-Réunion data in open access are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0).

For any publication using OSU-Réunion data, authors are asked to:

  • Attribution: cite (mandatory) the DOI of the data (if exist)
  • Acknowledgment: depending on the contribution of the data to the scientific results, data users should either propose co-authorship to the data providers or at least acknowledge their contribution and the OSU-Réunion.

Suggested citations for DOIs:

Observatory_name (year): “Dataset title”. OSU-Réunion, Université de La Réunion, CNRS, IRD, Météo France, doi : doi_name