Forest Station of Reunion Island



Mare Longue forest, our forest

Reunion Island’s rainforest. Discover the Mare Longue forest and the volcanic south of Reunion Island through the testimonies of several generations who live and take care of their forest. This film has been selected for the Festival du Film Scientifique de l’île de La Réunion in April 2022. Directed and produced by 4scienceprod© all rights reserved.

France Télévision: Reunion, the ladies of the forest

With 25 classified forests, Réunion is an exceptional territory. It is one of the world’s 34 terrestrial biodiversity hotspots. It is also the French department where the most trees are replanted every year, per inhabitant.

The Sound of the Lab

Ecology of lowland tropical rainforest on Reunion Island: feedback from PhD student Sébastien Albert’s field experience.


Giv Anquetil in the Mare-Longue forest © Radio France

Marelongue on Reunion Island: a “living dead” tropical forest

Mare-longue, in the south-east of the island, in the foothills of the volcano, is home to Réunion’s last remaining original rainforest. A unique treasure trove of biodiversity, but one that is now on borrowed time. Visit with terrestrial ecologist Dominique Strasberg and his team from the Université de la Réunion.

Scientific Animation