Service offers

Technical department

UAR’s technical services comprise 3 main types of service:

  • IT services
  • laboratory instrumentation services
  • field instrumentation services

For each service, the UDO declination will also be found:

U – Upstream

Support in setting up projects:

  • Selection of a technical manager
  • Analysis, sizing, AO preparation
  • Definition of specifications
  • Advice on possible commitment or referral to external R&D and/or service providers
  • Support in drafting a data management plan (DMP)
  • Hardware and software sizing
  • Definition of data access protocols

D – Development

Intervention close to the project, to get it off the ground:

  • Assignment of a technical project manager and a team according to the needs identified in the previous phase
  • Drawing up quotations and contracts, and liaising with the administrative and financial departments
  • Sizing of human resources requirements in consultation with the administrative department, forecasting and updating workload plans.
  • Installation of instruments on or off OSU-Reunion observation sites
  • Setting up infrastructure, network systems and telecommunications
  • Deployment of data production and management systems
  • Project follow-up meetings

O – Operations

Support during the project, whether short or long term:

  • Installation and commissioning of instruments and data acquisition systems
  • Supervision and maintenance of instruments and data acquisition systems
  • Automated management of data flows, traceability of observations
  • Software development, scientific computing
  • Data storage, enhancement and dissemination
  • Drafting and delivery of operations manuals, technical procedures, IT, software

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