Forest Station of Reunion Island

Identity sheet

Scientific Manager
Claudine Ah-Peng

Scientific Manager
Dominique Strasberg

Creation date :  2012

The oldest series of observations : T and relative humidity (350 -2950 m) on the Piton des Neiges since 2011.

STAFOR has also carried out a dendrometric inventory every 5 years of 1 Ha of the Mare-Longue forest since 1990, 2 Ha since 2000 and 3 Ha since 2003, representing 76 species, 52,930 trees labelled and measured for diameter.

Technical and logistics manager : Pierre Stamenoff

Maintenance agent : Jimmy Turpin

Station’s scientific pilot laboratory : Laboratory of Plant Communities and Bio Aggressors in Tropical Environments, UMR PVBMT

Location :
The Mare Longue research station is located at 19, rue de la Cour des Frères, 97442 Saint-Philippe.
Tel : (+262) 262 46 90 09

Other laboratory : Géosciences

Partnerships/agreements with other organizations : Reunion National Park, National Forestry Office, Mascarin National Botanical Conservatory, National Museum of Natural History.

Existence of prospects for certification in a SNO, a national IR, a national network : IR OZCAR, eLTER, SNO Tourbières, SEEG, Zones Ateliers network