Observatory of the sciences of the universe of Reunion island

The Councils

The OSU-Reunion Council

The missions of the OSU-R Council

  • defines the OSU-R’s research and observation program,
  • adopt and control the OSU-R budget,
  • monitor the operation of observation stations,
  • determine the organization of observation, technical and administrative services,
  • issue an opinion on the recruitment of personnel, in particular technical staff and staff from the Centre National des Astronomes et Physiciens (CNAP – National Center for Astronomers and Physicists)

Composition of the OSU-R Council

Since June 07, 2017, the Chairman of the OSU-R Board has been Mr Paolo LAJ (Physicist of the National Corps of Astronomers and Physicists, Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble, Université de Grenoble-Alpes).

  • Elected members (voting rights) :
    • College A: Mr Rodolphe DEVILLERS, Mrs Pascale CHABANET, Mr Dominique STRASBERG
    • College B :  Mr Jérôme BRIOUDE, Ms B. MOREL
    • College ITA/BIATSS :  Mr Jean-Marc METZGER, Mrs Claudine AH-PENG, Mr Guillaume PAYEN,  Mrs Soline BIELLI
  • Appointed external personalities (voting rights) :
    • the Director of CNRS-INSU, Mr Nicolas ARNAUD
    • the Director of IPGP, Mr Marc CHAUSSIDON
    • IRD President and CEO, Ms Valérie VERDIER
    • The President of Région Réunion, Mrs Huguette BELLO
    • The Prefect of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Mr Charles GIUSTI
    • The Regional Academic Delegate for Research and Innovation on Reunion Island, Mr Abel HIOL
    • the Director of Research at Météo-France, Mr Marc PONTAUD
    • CIRAD Regional Director for La Réunion, Mr Eric JEUFFRAULT
    • a representative of the economic sector, Mrs Marie CHAPUT (BRGM)
    • one person appointed in a personal capacity. Mrs. Evelyne TARNUS (NEXA Réunion)
  • Permanent guests (advisory capacity)
    • Director of OSU-Réunion, Jean-Pierre CAMMAS
    • Deputy Director of OSU-Réunion, Mr Laurent MICHON
    • Technical Director of OSU-Réunion, Mr Yann HELLO
    • Administrative and Financial Manager, Mrs Marie MARS
  • Directors of research units associated with OSU-R:
    • ENTROPIE: represented by Mr Matthieu LECORRE
    • Espace-Dev: represented by Mrs Gwenaëlle PENNOBER
    • LACy: Mr Joël VAN BAELEN
    • LE2P: Mrs Béatrice MOREL
    • LGSR: Mr Laurent MICHON
    • LIM: Mr Christian DELHOMME
    • PIMENT: Mr Mathieu DAVID
    • PVBMT: Mr Bernard REYNAUD
  • Guests invited to participate in an advisory capacity:
    • the President of the Université de La Réunion, Mr Frédéric MIRANVILLE
    • the IRD representative in La Réunion, Mrs Pascale CHABANET
    • the Director of the Observatoire Volcanologique du Piton de la Fournaise (IPGP), Mrs Aline PELTIER

The Scientific Committee of OSU-Reunion

Scientific Committee: missions

The missions of the OSU Scientific Committee are as follows:

  • establish the observation programs defined within the framework of OSU-Reunion’s activities,
  • select experiments proposed by international scientific teams,
  • draw up the draft program of activities for the observation stations,
  • draw up proposals concerning the equipment, operating and personnel resources required for natural environment monitoring programs and selected activity programs,
  • define the criteria for the distribution of research credits allocated to OSU-Réunion, in accordance with the financial policy and draft budget established by the OSU-Réunion Council, and propose the distribution of these credits,
  • research and observation station data management contracts and agreements,
  • to give its opinion on applications and progress reports submitted by OSU-Réunion to the CNAP (Conseil National des Astronomes et des Physiciens).
  • give its opinion on the creation, maintenance or abolition, as well as on the organization of services available to the various components of OSU-Réunion,
  • to support all training initiatives in the field of the Universe Sciences, whether in initial training (Masters) in direct liaison with the U.F.R Sciences et Technologies de La Réunion, continuing education, or the dissemination of scientific culture in its areas of competence.

Scientific Committee: composition

 The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Director of OSU-R: Mr Fabrice Fontaine

The Scientific Committee comprises

  • Ex-officio members: the Director of OSU-R and the Deputy Director (Mr. Laurent MICHON)
  • Elected members:
    • Corps A: Mr Sébastien JAQUEMET Mr Dominique STRASBERG
    • Corps B: Mr Pablo CORRAL-BROTO, Ms Anne RECHOU
    • ITA corps: Mr Guillaume DESPRAIRIES, Mr Pierre STAMENOFF
  • Directors (or their representatives) of research entities associated with OSU-Réunion activities: ENTROPIE, Espace-Dev, LACy, LE2P, LGSR, LIM, PIMENT, PVBMT.
  • Co-opted scientific experts :
    • to be appointed at the first Scientific Committee meeting at the end of 2022.
  • Permanent guests :
    • the Vice-President of Research and Development of the Université de La Réunion or his representative,
    • the Deputy Director of Ocean-Atmosphere Science at CNRS-INSU or his representative,
    • the Director of Research at Météo-France or his representative,
    • the Administrative and Financial Manager of OSU-Réunion
    • the Technical Director of OSU-Réunion.

The Director of OSU-Réunion may invite to the Scientific Committee, in an advisory capacity, any person from outside the organization, depending on the agenda.