Observatory of Atmospheric Physics in Reunion


OPAR is an atmospheric observation station located in the western Indian Ocean, on the island of La Réunion. Located on the slopes of an ancient volcano in a national park, the station is considered as a remote site, away from light pollution and high above the clouds, making it a strategic location for atmospheric observation.

Organization chart

Organization chart

Scientific objectives

In conjunction with national research infrastructures

  • Monitoring atmospheric composition in the context of climate change
  • Quantifying and studying the sources and transport of pollutants in the lower and middle atmosphere
  • Tropo-strato exchanges (TTL hydration, intrusions)
  • Restoring the ozone layer
  • UV radiation
  • Gas/particle conversion
  • Cloud and precipitation microphysics
  • Satellite cal/val

Linking up with international observation networks

  • Middle atmosphere thermodynamics (NDACC int.)

Other scientific objectives of the station

  • Aging volcanic plumes
  • Forest-gas-aerosol-cloud interactions