Observatory of the sciences of the universe of Reunion island



The UAR (Unité d’Appui et de Recherche – Support and Research Unit) is the OSU-R’s arm in supporting research laboratories by providing shared human resources, infrastructure and services:

  • Observation platforms acquired with support from the Université de La Réunion, CNRS, Région Réunion, the French government and Europe (FEDER).
  • A technical service for instrumentation and metrology, to maintain and update the OSU-R’s instruments.
  • An information system to monitor the lifecycle of observations, provide links with national data centers, and organize local computing resources.
  • An administrative and financial department for internal purchasing and expenditure procedures, budget management (state subsidies and own resources), assistance in drawing up and managing research agreements, and missions.
  • Management of access to observation platforms and participation in European transnational platform access programs.

UAR in figures

The Support and Research Unit (UAR 3365) includes an Administrative and Financial Division and a Technical Division.

It consists of :

23 people

19 agents permanents

4 agents on fixed-term contracts

2 Technical research and training assistants

6 Technicians

3 Assistant Engineers

7 Design Engineers

3 Research Engineers

1 University Professor

1 Research Director

A CNAP assistant physicist from the SCOA section (Surfaces Continentales, Océan et Atmosphère) is assigned to OSU-Réunion (position managed by the Université de La Réunion) and carries out his research at LACy (UMR 8105).

The skills

The services offered by UAR are based on the professional skills present among our workforce:

In the field

  • Field instrumentation
  • Drone pilots
  • In-situ atmospheric, river or sea sampling

In the laboratory

  • Fresh and salt water chemistry
  • Non-emissive remote sensing
  • LIDAR instrumentation


  • Scientific computing, creation of data processing channels
  • Management of observation data produced (software development, data distribution)