Morphodynamics of Martinique’s beaches in the face of current challenges: meteorological and marine forcing and sargassum stranding.

Speakers: Franck DOLIQUE (Professor at the University of the West Indies, UMR BOREA)

Date: Friday November 24th at 1 pm

Venue: OSU-Réunion room (S4B building) – Campus Universitaire du Moufia

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Seminar summary:

Martinique’s coastline is today subject to the challenges of environmental forcings that impact its stability and attractiveness. This paper will present the results of two studies that attempt to clarify the processes involved and the associated morpho-sedimentary dynamics for sandy beaches driven by :

  • weather-sea forcing with seasonal cyclicity imposing cross-shore sediment transfers ;
  • massive sargassum seaweed strandings modifying the interplay of actions and feedbacks between beach and swell.

A detailed understanding of these processes is necessary for better forward-looking management of these fragile beaches, which represent a major tourist and economic challenge in this unstable context of climate change.