SO-NATUR-EL Project: Strengthening the adaptation and restoration capacities of Réunion’s reefs through innovative NATURe-based SOlutions to maintain and develop sustainable coastal amenities.

Speakers: Aline Tribollet (IRD Research Director at LOCEAN/IPSL)

Date: September 6, 2023, at 12:30 pm

Location: OSU-R room, S4B building, Moufia Campus

Seminar summary:

SO-NATUR-EL is a transdisciplinary research program that will involve several projects carried out by various partners.

The projects are as follows:

  • R&D&I on nature-based solutions for reef restoration and coastal development that are more effective, sustainable and durable over time, and to initiate the development of new economic sectors on Reunion Island (inter-disciplinary project ranging from social sciences and humanities to reef ecology; I’ll be the project leader) – ERDF
  • Towards better management of Madagascar’s marine resources (this is not the exact title, this time led by F. Guilhaumon and M. Leopold) – INTERREG
  • Development of a new craft industry and museography (Four à Chaux de St Leu around coral and the land-sea continuum in particular) on Reunion Island (supported by D. Enon and the TCO) – FRAC-DAC
  • Development of new coastal amenities – test site at La Possession (BRGM and ESPACE-DEV) – ERDF or Green Fund or other…
  • Creation of a ‘Science & Société’ marine station on Reunion Island to enable experimentation under controlled conditions on issues of reef conservation and restoration (R&D capacity building and training for BEST Master students), development of a nursery for resilient corals, raising public awareness and strengthening Reunion Island’s regional, national and international profile (unique platform in the region!). – ERDF infrastructure.

Video link for the seminar